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I believe birth is beautiful.

All birth. Easy birth. Hard birth. Vaginal birth. Cesarean birth. Birth that goes exactly to plan. Birth that veers off course. Birth is beautiful.


I believe that birth doesn't have to be scary. I believe that knowledge and support can demystify this experience and make it a good one.


I believe a woman’s strength is never showcased better than in the moments she works to labour and birth. That these trials uncover power she may not have known she had. That surrender itself is powerful.


I believe birth is a stunning love story. I see love in these moments of connection and support and discovery.


I believe the way you feel about your birth will shape your parenting journey. I believe whether you felt supported, empowered and heard is one of the biggest factors in how you will feel about your birth.


I believe photographs allow us to freeze the moments and be incredible reminders of the details when our memories grow fuzzy. I believe they can be can healing, strengthening, redemptive.


I believe you are strong. I believe you understand how powerful and important birth is, and that’s why you’re here. I believe you deserve to be supported in your journey, and look back on this experience with such positive memories.


And I want to be your Winnipeg doula and birth photographer.

Winnipeg Doula

As your Winnipeg doula, Embrace Birth Services offers unbiased, personalized and empowering support throughout the entirety of your pregnancy, labor and birth experience, and postpartum period. A doula meets you where you are and provides informational, physical and emotional support in the way you need it the most.

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Birth Photography

By hiring a Winnipeg Birth Photographer, you are able to capture the tiny details and the big moments, that may otherwise fade from memory. Soft touches, reassuring words whispered into your ear, and moments of focus take stage beside the first looks, a new latch, the meeting of siblings. You focus on your birth, I'll focus on memories that will last you through the ages.

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Fresh Newborn Photography

Fresh is the ultimate in Winnipeg newborn photography. It's real life, unposed and authentic. I get to capture memories of you and your tiny babe on their first few days earthside, and the results are just stunning! With Fresh, I come to your place of birth within the first 48 hours to capture those beautiful details before they change forever.

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Hi there! I'm Jenine. I'm a mama, chocolate addict, country music lover, and most importantly, I'm a Winnipeg doula and birth photographer.

I've been immersed in the Winnipeg doula and birth world since 2006 when I took my first doula training, but my desire to care for people started long before that. Way back in junior high I decided that it was my path to study psychology and help people through tough times. Until one day I heard the term doula and I was hooked. Birth and this monumental transition fascinated me- and being able to apply what I'd learned in psychology as I held space for these strong families? It couldn't get any better.


I paused university, started doula training, and here I am! Pretty awesome, right? I think so. I still get to offer authentic support, but I get to do so on some of the biggest days of their lives. My degree collects dust, and it doesn't bother me a bit. Adding photography into my doula work was a natural step after seeing how powerful my own birth photos were in my journey to motherhood. They gave me a look into all the things I missed behind the scenes and helped me to see such strength and beauty in these moments that were already fading from memory.


I want to chat with you more about your birth. I want to know what makes you tick, what you're afraid of, and what moments have you giddy with joy and anticipation. I hope you'll take a look around my little home here, and shoot me a message when you're ready to meet. I can't wait!




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Authentic, empowering and professional photography and doula care for sentimental, strong families.