Winnipeg Birth Photographer and Doula

I believe birth is beautiful.

All birth. Easy birth. Hard birth. Vaginal birth. Cesarean birth. Birth that goes exactly to plan. Birth that veers off course. Birth is beautiful.

I believe a woman’s strength is never showcased better than in the moments she works to labour and birth. That these trials uncover power she may not have known she had. That surrender itself is powerful.

I believe birth is a stunning love story. Between couples. Between a birther and themselves. Between a parent and new baby. I see love in these moments of connection and support and discovery.

I believe the way you feel about your birth will shape your early parenting journey and have a lasting effect. I believe the way you are treated during your birth, and whether you felt supported, empowered, heard, is one of the biggest factors in how you will feel about your birth.

I believe photographs allow us to freeze the moments- the good, the bad, the breathtaking. I believe these photos can be incredible reminders of the details when our memories grow fuzzy or we need to piece together a difficult experience. I believe they can be can healing, strengthening, redemptive.

I believe you are strong. I believe you understand how powerful and important birth is, and that’s why you’re here. I believe you deserve to be supported in your journey, and look back on this experience with such positive memories. I believe you are worth it. And I can’t wait to be your Winnipeg birth photographer and doula.

Winnipeg Doula

Embrace Birth Services offers unbiased, personalized and empowering support throughout the entirety of your pregnancy, labor and birth experience, and postpartum period. Who wouldn't want that? A doula meets you where you are and provides informational, physical and emotional support in the way you need it the most.

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Winnipeg Birth Photographer

By hiring a Winnipeg Birth Photographer, you are able to capture the tiny details and the big moments, that may otherwise fade from memory. The soft touch of a favorite nurse, reassuring words whispered into your ear, and moments of focus and frustration take stage beside the first looks, a new latch, the meeting of siblings.

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winnipeg doula winnipeg birth photographerHi Friends!

I'm Jenine, the face behind Embrace Birth Services! I’m so glad you’re here. I am a mama of three tiny humans, Winnipeg Doula of over ten years and a professional Winnipeg Birth Photographer. Music makes my world go round, and I love nothing more than dancing in the kitchen with my husband and kiddos.

I started Embrace Birth Services because I believe birth is this amazing, emotional, transformative experience-- and sometimes it's scary and overwhelming too. I'm here to help you prepare for your birth and go into it feeling empowered, supported, and maybe even a little bit excited! I support your unique birth plan, and we will work together to create a positive, memorable experience for you. I am so glad to have added on Professional Birth Photography this year, and I am awed at the strength I see frozen in each image I take.

I believe the best birth starts with a great support team- one who provides unconditional, unbiased support in the way YOU want it. And I want to be that support for you. Take a look around the site and when you're ready, let’s get together for coffee and chat!

Visit this link to learn a little bit more about me and why I want to be your Winnipeg doula and birth photographer!

Next Steps...

Are you ready yet? Reach out with any questions, or if you're ready to book your Winnipeg doula today. Let's embrace this experience together. Send me a message using the Contact page. I can't wait to hear from you!