Winnipeg Doula

Welcome to Embrace Birth Services, your Winnipeg Doula

Are you looking for a Winnipeg Doula? You’re in the right place. Grab yourself a cup of tea, a small snack, settle in and take a look around.

Embrace Birth Services offers a doula support that is holistic. We believe birth is not just biological. It is emotional, spiritual, transformative. The hours you spend birthing a baby are moments that will be forever ingrained in your memory- and support of a doula who understands more than just the mechanics of birth can be so important in how those moments feel to you days, months and even years later. There is a magic that comes when you bring a babe earthside. There is also a lot of hard work! As your Winnipeg doula, I am there working alongside you through the highs and the lows.

As your Winnipeg doula, I will be there with you every step of the way to remind you of your power and help you to embrace this birth and embrace your strength. Each surge that comes on can feel exciting, but also intimidating and a bit scary. And I will be there to guide you along the path. We will meet during your pregnancy to discuss your plans, desires and fears, and how we can work together as a doula team to make your dream birth come to life. During your labor, as your doula I will provide physical, emotional and informational support specifically tailored to the experience that you are looking for. Labor can be a bit like a dance, and in this dance, you take the lead. The support that I give as your doula is customized to the needs and desires you have for your ideal birth.

So why Embrace Birth Services? Because I believe each one of you deserves to feel power in this experience, to feel unconditional support and belief in your abilities and your unique journey. Labor and childbirth can be one of the best, most memorable experiences in your life, and I can’t wait for the opportunity to share it with you.

Embrace life, Embrace birth, Embrace strength.

If you have any questions, send me a message using the Contact page. I can’t wait to hear from you!