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Are you looking for a Winnipeg Doula or Birth Photographer? You're in the right place. Grab yourself a cup of tea, a small snack, settle in and take a look around.

Embrace Birth Services offers a doula support that is holistic. I believe birth is more than a physical experience. For many, it is emotional, spiritual, and even transformative. These hours will be forever ingrained in your memory- and support of a doula who gets it can be so important in how those moments feel to you days, months and even years later. 

As your Winnipeg doula, my focus is on your experience. During labor everyone else focuses on the time, the medical side, the baby. My entire goal is ensuring you have positive memories of your birth. I can enhance your laboring experience through informational support, massage, touch relaxation, and other non-medical physical and emotional support. A doula’s job may be as complex as suggesting and assisting with position changes while providing counter pressure for a sore back, or as simple as whispered affirmations and having a cool cloth waiting when needed.

Labor can be a bit like a dance, and in this dance, you take the lead. The support that I give as your doula is customized to the needs and desires you have for your ideal birth. For investment information click here, or visit this link to learn a little bit more about me.


Winnipeg Birth Doula

Embrace Birth Services offers holistic labor support. Non-judgmental information and comfort throughout the entirety of your pregnancy, labor and birth experience, and postpartum period. Who wouldn't want that?

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Birth Photography

By hiring a Winnipeg Birth Photographer, you are able to capture the tiny details and the big moments, that may otherwise fade from memory. The soft touch of a favorite nurse, reassuring words whispered into your ear, and moments of focus and frustration take stage beside the first looks, a new latch, the meeting of siblings.

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Postpartum Doula

A Postpartum Doula provides judgment free assistance with newborn  care in the early weeks postpartum. These visits aim to empower you, while also providing a soft space to land in these difficult days when you just need a break. Your doula will address the practical and emotional sides of integrating a new baby into your household.

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I'm Jenine, and I want to be your doula. I stepped into the birth world almost fifteen years ago, and have loved every minute of this journey since then!

I'm a born and bred Winnipegger, who loves the sun and the beach. Somehow this doesn't add up, yet Winnipeg will always be home sweet home for us. I am lucky to be married to my high school sweetheart (Ten years this winter!), and mama to three delightful and crazy-making tiny humans.

I would love to chat more and get to know each other. As your doula it is so important that you're comfortable with me-- ask anything- I'm an open book!  To learn more, visit my About Me page.

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Are you ready yet? Reach out with any questions, or if you're ready to book your Winnipeg doula today. Let's embrace this experience together. Send me a message using the Contact page. I can't wait to hear from you!