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I believe birth is beautiful.

All birth. Easy birth. Hard birth. Vaginal birth. Cesarean birth. Birth that goes exactly to plan. Birth that veers off course. Birth is beautiful.


I believe that birth doesn't have to be scary. I believe that knowledge and support can demystify this experience and make it a good one.


I believe birth is a stunning love story. I see love in these moments of connection and support and discovery.


I believe whether you felt supported, empowered and heard during your birth is one of the biggest factors in having positive memories of your birth.


I believe photographs allow us to freeze these incredible moments. I believe they can be can healing, strengthening, redemptive.


I want to be your Winnipeg doula and Winnipeg birth photographer.

Winnipeg Doula

Your Winnipeg doula offers unbiased, personalized and empowering support throughout the entirety of your pregnancy, labor and birth experience, and postpartum period according to your birth wishes.

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Birth Photography

By hiring a Winnipeg Birth Photographer, you are able to capture the tiny details and the big moments, that may otherwise fade from memory. You focus on your birth, I'll focus on memories that will last you through the ages.

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Fresh Newborn Photography

Fresh is the ultimate in Winnipeg newborn photography. Authentic, unposed beautiful moments of the first days after your babe comes earthside. Capture those details you loved so much when you met.

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Authentic, empowering and professional photography and doula care for sentimental, strong families in the Winnipeg and surrounding areas.