Get To Know your Winnipeg Doula

Jenine Brown winnipeg doula

Water is my happy place. Thunderstorms, ocean waters and hot showers are all heaven to me.


I'm an introvert at heart, and love nothing more than quiet times with close friends.


I believe most bad days can be fixed with a good book and a handful of chocolate.


I have 31 photo albums on my shelves, and love being transported back to my childhood just by cracking the cover.


I found my doula with my third babe just as important as with my first.


Music makes my world go round, and I love nothing more than dancing in the kitchen with my husband and kiddos.


I spent my teenage years in the country. Winnipeg is home now, but the smell of hay and sweet feed can transport me back in an instant.


I spent years training to be a Clinical Psychologist, but stumbled upon the magic of birth instead. My degree now collects dust and I don't regret it one bit.


Each of my birth stories is different. My first joined us in hospital. My second surprised us in an unassisted birth, and my third healed me with his peaceful water birth. I try to see the beauty in each one.


I believe in making the most out of a Tuesday. Why save the good stuff for weekends?


I believe vulnerability is beautiful. I strive to be an authentic presence for both my friends, and my clients.


I shared more here too. More questions? Just ask. 


I started Embrace Birth Services because I believe birth is this amazing, emotional, transformative experience-- but sometimes it's scary and overwhelming too. I want you to have support that makes your birth story a positive one.




My belief about birth.


I believe birth in all its forms is an amazing, wonderful, exciting event.


I believe pregnancy, labor and birth have a profound effect on birthing people and their families. It is an experience that is never forgotten.


I believe we intuitively and instinctively know how to give birth. Those caring for and supporting birthing people need to trust and respect that inner wisdom.


I believe that fear increases pain, and understanding and respecting the birthing process is an important part of a satisfying birth.


I believe each baby has a different journey to come earthside. It is not always the one we expect, but it can still be a positive experience with the right support team.


I believe education empowers families to make informed choices in health care, and to trust their intuition, instinct and inner wisdom.


I believe holding space as families grow is the best job in the world, and one I do not take lightly.



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