what they had to say

Jenine, I don't think words could ever express my gratitude to you. You were a pillar in enabling me to birth my baby boy, bring life into this world and become a mother. Your mantras and your touch were what got me through each contraction. As soon as you arrived in that room, and I saw you get into gear and come behind me, I felt empowered. You helped my husband find a place in my birth that allowed him to participate in the way that he could. It was a balance that I wished for and that you mastered.



I cannot say enough good things about Jenine. She met with us in our home several times before I gave birth and was patient and knowledgeable with all of our questions and concerns. Her own experience as a mother of 3 certainly provides her with a great deal of hands of experience.


She has a pleasing personality....calm, friendly, good sense of humour. She sent me useful links to articles etc throughout my pregnancy. She was the calmest person in the room when my labour took a turn for the worst. She was an incredible support to my husband when I ended up in the OR and he was so afraid/anxious. I highly recommend Jenine also because she is accepting of a couple's decisions for medical intervention, whereas I found other advertising doulas clearly had a negative opinion of medical intervention and pushed the natural childbirth process. I appreciated her non-judgemental attitude in this regard.



After a pretty traumatic csection with my first child I was adamant I go into my second birth with more support and knowledge. Jenine was amazing! Just by being there she made me feel confident in asking questions and understanding what the Drs and nurses were suggesting to me. She helped me through contractions and get presence was so calming and reassuring to me.
I got my VBAC and I know Jenine was a big part of that!
She is knowledgeable, kind and so very supportive! I'd recommend her to anyone who is expecting!



I hired Jenine expecting to have a natural, drug-free birth, but my little one had plans of his own. I had to be delivered via c-section because he was breech. When I found out (in the third trimester) that this was a possibility, Jenine helped me through my feelings of not getting the birth I had envisioned.

When the time came to deliver, I was so thankful that Jenine was allowed into the operating room along with my husband. She was a huge support before, during and after the c-section. Once my son was born, my husband was able to hold him, and Jenine was there to hold my hand (literally and figuratively) while they finished the c-section and my husband focused on our son.

The most amazing part was her photos of the event though. I am forever grateful that we have images of that day, and her photos are beautiful. Those first images of my son will be something we always treasure.



Jenine was fantastic! She made the whole birthing experience amazing and gave my daughter the confidence to make it through labour.

-Evelyn (Client's mama who acted as second support person)


Thank you for being with us and for us on the most amazing journey of our lives, the big arrival of our baby Sophie. We really appreciate your well-done job and commitment. I'm so pleased to have met you and to had you beside us during Sophie's birth.



It was very comforting to know that there was someone always there to advocate for you… whether for your comfort or state of mind or things you didn’t know you needed. A calming gentle presence that also serves as a sounding board and safety net.



I love the pictures that you have sent! I am so happy to have connected with you and have you there for my birth.



Having Jenine as my doula and birth photographer was one of the best things I did! Even though I had a c-section, having that extra hand to hold was amazing, not to mention the beautiful photos that we'll always have to remember the day by. If you know someone expecting, I cannot recommend her enough!