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High school graduation. Your wedding day. The birth of your children. Some moments in life stand out.

As a Winnipeg Birth Photographer, I am honored to give families the opportunity to permanently preserve those moments for you for years to come. By hiring a Birth Photographer, you are able to capture the tiny details, and the big moments, that may otherwise fade from memory. The soft touch of a favorite nurse, reassuring words your partner whispered into your ear, and moments of both focus and frustration take stage beside the first look exchanged between mama and baby, a new latch, the meeting of older and brand new siblings. Each is unique, each is important.

Birth photography tells your story organically as it unfolds. No props, no posing, just a beautiful look at the strength and love shown as your family grows. During your pregnancy we will talk about which images you are most excited about capturing- and which you'd rather not! Not all birth stories feature baby emerging, and that's ok! Some families prefer to focus on the emotions, connection and new baby love of the day. All of this will be discussed ahead of time. The end result is a collection of photos that tells your unique story in a way that is tailored to your preferences.

Birth photography and Fresh sessions are offered for the Winnipeg area, at all home, hospital and birth centre births. I am currently accepting clients for Spring 2018 and onwards.

Contact me today, I'd love to be your Winnipeg Birth Photographer!

A camera is a save button for the minds eye.
-Roger Kingston


All Photography Packages Include...

  • All images in an online password protected gallery
  • High resolution and social media sized images with print release
  • Sneak peaks within 24 hours for you to share as announcements if desired
  • Dedicated birth professional who knows how to work in the birth environment with respect
  • Meeting to talk about your vision and requests for the session and go over any questions you may have
  • All photos returned within one month of session date
  • Guaranteed backup photographer in case of emergency
  • On call service for either birth (24 hours a day) or a Fresh session planned within 48 hours of birth (daylight hours)
  • Professional Hand-edited images

Embrace Birth Services is pleased to offer three packages as your Winnipeg Birth Photographer. For more information on each package, check out the Investment page.


Pure package is a perfect sampling of photos to tell the highlights of your birth story. Pure is an add on package available for clients already using Embrace Birth Services for birth doula services. I work with your family to provide both doula and photography during these sacred hours.


Capture is your dedicated Winnipeg birth photography package, focused solely on documenting each memory as you move from labor through birth to first moments with your new little one. Capture includes continuous attendance at your birth from active labor until one hour postpartum.


Fresh is a documentary style newborn session, held within the first two days after birth. Often called a Fresh 48 package, Fresh showcases newborn details, early snuggles and feeding, sibling meetings and new family moments.


To hear more about Winnipeg Birth Photography and Fresh 48 Newborn photography, or see more samples of my work, send me a note today!

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