In addition to providing birth doula services, Embrace is pleased to offer photography at your birth. The day your child is born is a ‘one shot’ experience. I believe every family should have the opportunity to permanently preserve those moments.


The time surrounding the labor and birth of your child are sacred. Photographs are able to capture the tiny details, and the big moments, that may otherwise fade from memory. The soft touch of a favorite nurse, reassuring words your partner whispered into your ear, and moments of both focus and frustration take stage beside the first look exchanged between mama and baby, a new latch, the meeting of older and siblings. Each is unique, each is important.


Embrace Birth Services is glad to capture these moments for you upon request. The cost for attendance at your birth remains the same whether I am attending as a birth doula alone or a doula and photographer. During prenatal meetings we will explore the types of images you are interested in having, as well as anything you do not wish to have photographed. Your photography package is uniquely tailored to your situation and requests.


A camera is a save button for the minds eye.
-Roger Kingston


Embrace Birth Winnipeg Doula Winnipeg Birth Doula
Embrace Birth Winnipeg Doula Winnipeg Birth Doula
Embrace Birth Winnipeg Birth Doula