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Winnipeg Birth Doula Services

Pregnancy and birth have enough confusion surrounding them. Choosing who will support you at your birth shouldn't add to it.


As your Winnipeg doula, I'm here to help you create positive memories surrounding your birthing days-- whatever those look like to you. Embrace Birth Services follows you throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period, digging deep to get to know you and how to best support the birth that you desire and anticipate. 


That looks different for everyone, and those differences are a beautiful thing.


What is a Winnipeg Birth Doula?


A doula is a trained and experienced labor companion. She's a birth professional whose goal is a positive birth experience for you. As your Winnipeg doula, I will meet you during active labor and provide encouragement and assistance during your birth- kind of like a mini cheerleader and tour guide all wrapped together- one who knows all the secret tricks and tips to make your experience a positive one.

More Questions? Head on over to the FAQ Page. 

Still not entirely sure what having a doula would look like during your birth? Check out this recent blog I shared.



But what if I want a medicated birth?


A doula is there for you no matter what your ideal birth looks like.


From planned epidurals or cesarean births in the hospital to homebirth parties or hypnobirthing at the Birth Centre, I'm there to support the birth you want. And if you're not really sure yet, that's ok too! We'll talk during your pregnancy and I'm there to answer any questions you may have. 


You tell me your hopes and I'm there to encourage, empower and support you.



winnipeg birth photographer winnipeg doula


Always included in your Winnipeg Doula package:


A consultation to meet and get to know one another
Two in person prenatal meetings
Unlimited telephone, email and text message support
Informational Resources and Handouts
24/7 on call support
A backup doula always available
Attendance at your birth regardless of length
Labor support including massage, counterpressure, position and relaxation tips and more
Postpartum support until 2 hours after birth
Help initiating breastfeeding and ongoing breastfeeding support
Postpartum visit to discuss the birth and any questions you have
Assistance with babywearing
Newborn care guidance and reassurance
Someone on your side no matter what twists and turns your birth experience may take