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Because it's about more than one day

Birth doula services don't just cover the hours you are in labor. It is so much more than that. Hiring Embrace Birth Services as your personal doula ensures that you are followed throughout the entirety of your pregnancy, labor and birth experience, and postpartum period.

Have a question? Feeling unsure? Need to share a milestone or photo? Embrace Birth Services is here for that.

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Included in your Birth Doula package

  • An interview to meet and get to know one another
  • Up to two in person prenatal meetings
  • Unlimited telephone, email and text message support
  • Informational Resources
  • Lending Library
  • On call support for your birth from 37-42 weeks
  • A backup doula always available
  • Attendance at your birth regardless of length
  • Holistic support during labor including massage, ¬†counterpressure, position and relaxation tips and other physical support
  • postpartum support until 1-2 hours after birth
  • Help initiating breastfeeding and ongoing breastfeeding support
  • One postpartum visit
  • Assistance with babywearing
  • Cloth diapering experience
  • Optional postpartum doula support add-on
  • Optional fetal doppler rental add-on
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"But.... what do you really do?"

One of the most common questions regarding a birth doula is what do you *actually* do? The wonderful thing is that this is flexible and tailored to each birthing family. On paper this means Embrace offers physical, informational and emotional support during labor and birth to families in the Winnipeg area.

In practice, this means that I take my cues from you, and I meet you where you are. For some families, the desire is extra information and support for their homebirth. You may want some assistance setting up and filling a birth pool, making sure the music is on and the lights low, and someone is groaning along with you when you're feeling tapped out in hour six. It could mean ongoing massage, fetching cool cloths and filling up water at your hospital birth. A doula can remind you to eat and drink to keep your energy up, to remember to use the bathroom. I can suggest different positions or relaxation and pain relief techniques, all the while whispering in your ear that you are a rockstar, and we believe in you.

Partners often love doulas because they can act as a guide in an otherwise intimidating new experience. There's nothing I love more than watching a partner step in and start to emulate things I have been saying and doing at a birth, seeing that they are finding their confidence and feeling guided and supported themselves. Having a doula also gives your partner a chance to grab coffee (or send me on a run!), get a quick bite to eat, or even just a few moments to rest their hands in a difficult back labor. Having a doula means that you can get photos with all members of your birthing family present- no one hiding behind the camera. It is usually the birthing partners idea to hire a doula, but the supporting partner that raves the most afterwards!

For a further look into what birth doula care may look like for you, check out this recent blog I shared.