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"In those first six weeks, a mother should be waited on, served and nurtured." - Debra Pascali- Bonaro


A postpartum doula is a professional dedicated to providing support not only to your new babe, but to you as well! Those early days and weeks can be overwhelming, exhausting and lonely, and sometimes you really just need someone there to lend a helping hand. Hiring a nanny takes care of just baby. But what you really need, is someone to support you both during this time.


A postpartum doula provides judgment free assistance with newborn feeding and care, postpartum recovery, bonding and more in the early weeks postpartum. These visits aim to empower you, while also providing a soft space to land in these difficult days when you just need a break. Your doula will address the practical and emotional sides of integrating a new baby into your household, providing assistance as you need it most.


With busier and busier lives each year, many families no longer have a close relative or friend that is able to offer support in the early weeks. A postpartum doula bridges that gap and can be a valuable source of information, resources and practical help in addition to emotional support. A typical visit may include guidance and troubleshooting with feeding or babywearing, snack and meal prepping, baby holding while the parents grab a bit to eat, shower or run errands and always comes with built in company and conversation - sometimes the most needed items for a new parent!


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What Can I expect from a Postpartum Doula?


  • Nonjudgmental support of your unique journey
  • Feeding support and troubleshooting
  • Assistance with learning babywearing
  • Help navigating diapering including cloth diapers and elimination communication
  • Light snack and meal prep
  • Someone to entertain older kids (or hold baby so you can get some time in)
  • A doula to care of babe so you can have self care time
  • A sounding board for both infant and postpartum recovery questions
  • Help with basic household tasks and cleaning
  • Guidance with infant sleep and soothing techniques
  • Adult company
  • Someone to process your birth with
  • An extra set of hands while learning care of your new babe



At the start of each postpartum visit, we will determine what your goals are for the day, and come up with a game plan for how I can help you achieve them. These may be figuring out babywearing so you can be more self sufficient, getting on top of meal prep and clean counters, working on a painful latch, someone to watch baby so you can nap, or even just someone to sit and enjoy tea and a funny movie with so that you don't feel so alone. All of these are important, and great things we can work on together.


A postpartum doula isn't just there to take over baby care. My goal is to work with your family to ensure a smoother transition long term. Our visits will be geared towards this, keeping in mind your immediate needs as well.



Winnipeg Postpartum Doula support is offered in four to eight hour incremements. Pricing starts at just $25 per hour, and discounted packages are available.

Contact me today to talk about adding postpartum support to your life.